Here’s what our clients are saying:

Reviewer name: Chuckles McLaugherton “I hired Mountainside Cleaning to clean my apartment and they did such a great job that I actually thought I moved into a new place! Not only did they clean every nook and cranny, but they also left me a bag of freshly baked cookies. Who knew cleaning could be this enjoyable? I highly recommend Mountainside Cleaning and their magical cleaning fairies.”

Reviewer name: Betty Bubbles “I’ve never seen my bathtub sparkle like it did after Mountainside Cleaning came over. They even got rid of the mysterious green gunk that I had been unsuccessfully trying to scrub off for weeks. I don’t know what kind of magic potion they used, but my bathroom looks like a fancy hotel now. Thank you, Mountainside Cleaning , for making my life easier and my tub shinier!”

Reviewer name: Sir Scruffington III “As a proud owner of seven dogs, I thought my house was beyond cleaning. But then I found Mountainside Cleaning and I swear, they turned my home into a palace. They removed every trace of fur and slobber and made everything smell like sunshine and rainbows. I’m pretty sure they also tamed my wild beasts because my dogs now sit politely instead of jumping all over me. It’s a miracle! Mountainside Cleaning are true heroes and I will be forever grateful.”

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